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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Labour Day ain't gonna be the same again.

And because uh.. this blog is for my grief? there are actually people throwing "get over it la" and "stop writing depressing stuff" at me, I'll resort to TADA, the blog you never knew about. :D

And! It's over. 40 days, it's over. I think I cried more just now than I ever did during the funeral. I changed my shirt twice, AND I had a bad cold. So go figure. Oh well, hell off if you can't stand what I write. You don't have my password account although I've literally screamed the damn thing out loud in the canteen once. *shrugs* I amuse myself

"I shall break my fast with breakfast. Now, shut up and let me eat my tosai in peace."

That's the line I was so proud of to say today. I broke it, and celebrated with 3 pieces of chicken. I'mma be building up the fat in all places before the holidays end.


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