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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I. AM. TIRED. And not just those sudden-attack-of-Auntie Jaded, angst-filled annoying teenager who can't control her damn life-type of tired, but more of hands down, craptacularly exhausted. It' s kinda weird considering I drank firing hell amounts of coffee today but meh, kalau nak blog, takyah henti

[That would probably be the 3rd time I've used Malay in a blog post and I find it getting stranger and stranger by the mo' considering I was[?] that advocate-for-the-proper-usage-of-English type of person. Screw it all.]

So yes, I'm exhausted.
Which brings us to....

When you say you'd really take a bullet for someone, would you really do it? As in would you really be willing to get shot for another person?
See, to be honest, I think human are ultimately, the most self-centered creatures ever. So technically, I don't think anyone would be that selfless enough to take a bullet for someone. Call me pessimistic or apathetic or some other crap word you can spin at me, but think about it. Would your really be willing to gamble off your life for someone? Regardless of who it may be?
I don't think so. And that applies to everyone. You don't have a Messiah-complex. Nuh-uh. If someone hurls that question at you, you say yes, naturally. But dude, put yourself in that situation the next time you answer that question.
Imagine it, as serious as it gets.
Crazy yakuza from Shibuya kidnaps you and your buddy and forces you to choose who to let go cos' your friend is currently heavily sedated and her kidneys are on E-bay [Saw, yes], and the worst part is that you actually saw where they hid their shitload of crack so they can't risk anything but since the oyabun is actually this really nice guy he says "One kill, enough!" and so yeah, choose. Her or you.

Katana through your neck or hers?

A basic human instinct would be :
Oh yeah. Hey moron, when that day comes, the day a crazy Japanese mob decides to go on this insane murder rampage by presenting people with life ultimatums, we'll see about that.

And now, I present you, the answer of a pragmatic, rational, logic-based person who actually thinks before answering.
No. When the day comes, I'm just gonna say screw it, I'm not losing my life over that bitch. Besides, she's actually drugged. So it doesn't matter.

Now I'm not saying that it's a good thing, but in the end, admit it, we're all gonna do that anyway. No use denying it.
And goddammit, I should stop reading stuff about Apocalypse. Look how morbid it's turned me.

Okay, so I was blog-trawling Juju's link list just now and I read someone's blog about the ballet concert and I have only one thing to say. Lol, dude. And fine, this is a bit shameless to say it on my blog but what the hell, he probably doesn't read my blog anyway. But still, dude, lol. Nice thought on the ballet concert.Blunt, Amen.


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