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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stir-crazy, break easy.

Nuff'said. Au revoir, mon cheri.
Screw it. Blog posts are meant to be long, especially if I'm typing them. Provided I can remember everything from the holidays.
Week 1 - Boring. Whoring boring. Bought Sims 3. Shall write a review later.
Week 2 - Went out with Shannon and Sonia, that's it. Ate, a lot.
Flash Forward
Okay, so I woke up on Saturday, and my sister got this alarming phone call.

"Ehh, we might go to Penang"
"What, really? Why? Someone died?"
"Yeah. Granduncle's mother in law, the sickly one"
"Oh. I was being sarcastic O_o."

Daddy gave us a choice, Penang or Ipoh, our pick. I'm sure as hell that by now, you guys know I'm this crazy advocate for the authenticity of Penang char kuey teow, right? So naturally, thinking that a.We're not gonna be spending 12 hours at a funeral house, not after what's been happening lately, b.Dinner is definitely gonna be big and c.Shopping spree at Borders, d'oi, it was one big HELL YEAH from me. Damn, was I wrong or what? Bummer one, We DID spend more than 12 hours at the funeral house, bummer 2, Dinner was fast, no sense of enjoyment at all and bummer 3, WHAT SHOPPING SPREE?
But I guess it wasn't all that bad, apart for my incessant craving for a McFlurry, I'd say I learned a few stuff. How Hindu funerals are done and all those rites and rituals, they're very complicated. They each have this specific, symbolic meaning behind each procedure. It was definitely anything but fun, Mum was at one corner crying and well, the house was horribly despondent, but still, MEH. Been there, done that, cried long, don't fudgecaking care anymore. Besides, she had Parkinsons and was diabetic and it didn't help that she was having cancer or something, so yeah, I'm somewhat happy for her. This world is not worth living for with all that suffering..

Left at 4, came back at 8 since Uncle George's car's radiator overheated[?] and went 'myeekkk' on the highway, so we went and helped out. Amen, for DiGi and cellphones. Did my NiE, so no sleep. Not that it matters since I'm used to the whole sleepless nights concept. But damn, I could really use an anti-stress pill right now. &&&, I had crap out a stupid 1000-worded essay on 'cliques' for the fricking magazine, so yes, red eyes, CHECK, eyebags the size of a beaver in Russia, CHECK [And trust me, those beavers are huge], Jaded-looking face, CHECK and the girl is dead. It doesn't help either that I'm suffering through a caffeine-withdrawal programme here, since, well yeah. Too much coffee is not good, blah.
I think I pretty much lied throughout the whole essay because a. No one hangs out in a similar group with people who have a penchant for black eyeliners and misanthropy, b.HAVE YOU LOOKED AT OUR RECESS TABLE ON FRIDAYS? and c. I was tired and I lied to get the job done. Amen.

It really did open my eyes a bit though, regardless of the plentiful bitching, we're still pretty inclusive if you look at it closely. There're the Kpop people, and there's the video game geeks, there's the Lambert/Hardcore punk loving person, the very nice, misunderstood, emo person, there's the drama queens and all that lah. Ah, we're the epitome of 1Malaysia :D

So, anyone going for the ballet concert? I think I might go since coughcoughIcoughsupportmyschoolcoughcough. I think I might go the same day as Jill although she's going with someone else, and yeah, to answer your question : GO, since you have free tickets and I need the vague company.
Or maybe I'll grab Sonia in exchange for her mum's beloved prom thing. I'm lazy like hell although I don't mind wearing a dress for her church prom but still, LAZY as hell. Though if there's a generous amount of alcohol and good food, I'll succumb. She's gonna kill me if she sees this, since I promised her I would go with a loud "I'LL GO FOR YOU FIANCEE DEAREST!" and since Anna needs a date, but still alcohol and good food = substantial bribe.
O_o. Let's just hope no one finds out that Anna's a girl during the thing since I'm trying to maintain my essential asexual status in church, I am not gay. Nor am I straight. I was just forced to attend. Line delivered. Amen, baby.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drown myself in sleep and ice-cold milk.

Caffeinewithdrawal.14 more days, 14 more bloody days.

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