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Sunday, July 5, 2009


I travelled from Ipoh to Teluk Intan to Serdang and back to Ipoh. Exhaustion overload, I tell you. I don't like travelling in cramped up cars much.
And I bought...............

a heckload of donuts and a printer. Potong stim. -.-

You know what? I'm just sick of writing angsty, depressing posts here. I don't like it cos' reading how fudgecaking annoying and depressed I am isn't the funnest thing to do on a Sunday morning.

But The Sister is back in varsity. I've to admit albeit grudgingly, I kinda hated her over the course of the 2 months she'd been here. But she did something exceedingly nice before going back and I like nice things :). So yeah, I love her loads. So, I'm gonna miss her but till she comes back, it's just gonna be me, Dad and Mum all over again. With no 4 a.m. visits from The Brother.

Went to UPM today. And damn, it was BIG. It was like 10 MGS', including the field! And their medic faculty was just wow-worthy.

Would't it be cool if that bus was a transformer?
Ohhh. It's name is Plusliner!
If Malaysian cars transformed, it would be cool la!
Yeah yeah. They'll have names like Kancil and Wira and Kenari and Saga.

Kancil, ROFLOL.

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