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Friday, July 31, 2009


LaiSan's right, my blog is depressing. Hell, its not only her, its everyone else as well. My blog has depressing shiz yo~ So I'll make a happy list. *beams*

100 thing to zoo befawh I die.

1. Keep my blog running forever. Even after I die..
2. Try every single type of coffee beverage ever. Yup, I'm a kofferr traveller.
3. Marry Gaspard Ulliel Meet Gaspard Ulliel. umm, yeah.
4. MGMT concert with neon glowsticks, drunk. or Crack.
5. Rap song/parody on Youtube with ma Sc3 homiez.
6. Test drive a black Aston Martin DBS V12.
7. Own a black Aston Martin DBS V12.
8. 5 bowls of ramen. At one go.
9. Own that beautifuoooooolll coat by Marc Jacobs.
10. Be a gay rights activist that goes to church every week.
11. Study in Edinburgh
12. Date in Edinburgh
13. Get married in Edinburgh
14. Not pay my taxes
15. Learn French, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.
16. Try to learn Tamil. X]
17. Visit Shibuya!
19. Learn how to play the drums [Properly. Playing Solution isn’t gonna get you anywhere], and the electric guitar.
20. Be a TOTAL kid on my 25th birthday. That includes having sugar rushes, playgrounds, and building castles with cushions. xD
21. Je veux copain. Right.
22. A PhD in Classics. I love it.
23. Yellow boots. For real.
24. Shop in France with 3000 pounds in my hands.
25. Sing in the rain. Just to see if the rain stops.
26. Flash mob. AWESOMENESS
27. Be a partner at a Starbucks outlet.
28. Take a picture with every single person I’ve met in school since I was 7.
29. Whack a piñata till it bleeds bitter chocolate bars. Seriously.
30. Get a St Bernard named Mocha
31. Get an Affenpinscher named Capper
32. Get a Rottweiler named Frap.
33. Eat geoduck. xD
34. Wear a tux. I really wanna try! xD
35. Hack and deal massive damage to someone’s system. For funzies
36. Play Counter Strike for 19 hours straight. Toilet breaks excluded, dinner at the computer :D
37. Beat Sims 3, 4, and 5.
38. Find out if an Oxford comma really matters.
39. 3 months in school, without ANY absence.
40. Play at WCG

*If 40 fails, go to E3 instead.

41. Comic Con! HELL YEAH
42. Buy birthday presents for everyone I love, at least once.
43. Live in Upper East Side for 6 months.
44. Learn the rap to Epik High’s Fan. It’s in Korean -_-
45. Say something philosophical. <- Impossible.
46. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
47. Visit the Louvre
48. Something badass, like speeding through a toll plaza without paying?
49. Read the definition for BADASS.
50. Own 3 4 8 gaming consoles.
51. A tour of a major American film studio like 20th Century Fox.

53-100 will come up once I make em'

53. Go one day without saying the word 'die' or any other word associated with it.
54. Make a mixtape!
55. The Andy Warhol Museum!!!!!! Orgasmic place. :D
56.Gamble in Palms with Kris-unnie.
57. Write a rock musical.
58. Get an X-360 Slim..

Okay. Its 12.30 and I haven't done my 5 Chemistry reports. Phail, I feel sick T_T

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