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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The def posse.

Pssshhhh. Penang tomorrow, AGAIN. Remind me again why I even bother leaving the only place I love in the whole world, my computer chair? My house? My own little pleasant place of solitude. It's evil, I tell you.
It's a SUNDAY, why am I going on Penang on a SUNDAY. After SUNDAY SCHOOL.
Is my depression over this painted clearly now? I believe so.

Twas' Hari Anugerah today. A not-so-kind situation where you just feel like crawling up in a ball at a dark litte corner and plant shrooms or something. I'm just thankful I went back home before I became suicidal. :(
And Joev, if you're reading this, there's always a downside to being super-nice. But who cares? If you're happy, then screw what other people think. :)
Yup, I'm conceited but hey, isn't that the only way to live nowadays? :D

Moving on,
Have I ever mentioned how much resounding awesomeness is The Imperial March made of? And for most n00bs reading, The Imperial March is Darth Vader's theme. And for the even worse n00bs, Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, from Star Wars. See also : Hayden Christensen in a really tight leather suit.
In fact, I was just telling Shannon how awesome would it be if the school band played The Imperial March or One Winged Angel for that matter.
And because of my sudden cyber geek-spasm [? Couldn't think of any other word], I feel like watching Star Wars all over again.

Come to think of it, I think Dad has a hexalogy[?] lying somewhere.

Annddd, This is FOR SONIA.

*reads blog*
Our engagement is so off la. :DD

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