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Friday, August 21, 2009

200th post is NOW

Start hell singing: Blink-182 - Feeling This

:D I've just experienced the most EPIK Final Fantasy duel on my Dissidia demo. And no, I didn't cosplay as Kefka O_o and go katana-berserk on Shannon.

I beat Kekfa!
Playing Sephiroth!
In under a minute.

I kinda expected Kefka to be insanely difficult but he's kinda easy, his voice still creeps me out though.
...I beat this guy, scary reminiscent of The Joker, right? Using..

Pwned, btches :D

But seriously, if Kefka's this easy in the real game, I'm gonna auger myself 4 feet deep underground with a leaked bottle of cyanide. ;D

Skipped school today, self-quarantine is the shiz. And umm, I've been living in a lie for about 27 hours.
Get well, babes.

I'm off to read CH and Unreality. So bye


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