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Friday, August 14, 2009

Crazy awesomeity

Voices.: Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Before I start, R.I.P Les Paul, the greatest revolutionizer of rock and roll.

Today was very...very cathartic? I guess so, in an ironic way. Apart from getting psuedo-screwed by the lady-who-can't-be-speaking-proper-Engrish for God knows what my hair is neat thankyouverymuch. Go bug a lala person, twas a dead lazy Friday, and every period was pretty much sluggishly cool.
Made the Form 4s in morning prayer sing All The Small Things since the only thing I wanted to do that time was sing it with Sonia. Cos' singing Blink182 songs with Sonia is awesome. But they joined in, so what the hell la. xD Too bad Clare didn't come. Get better babe!

PJ : Played BADminton with the legendary, 250 year old Jill. Jill didn't wear socks today. She be pimpin' cos she didn't get caught. My best friend is badass yo~

Add Maths : Phailed at using the calculator to find out Σx.
Mr C thinks our whole class are complete technophobic idiots when it come to calculators.

Bio : PEKA was mindnumbingly, insanely cool. Miss Joyce is awesome, yeah? 'Legend' and I talked about how much of a bad friend she comes across as. I still have this urge to point this out to you dear, that you ARE NOT a bad friend. If you were a completely [and I mean FULLY] mean bitch, we won't be friends, love. It's just that yeah, ignorance is bliss and maybe some people need words but hey, what can we possibly say to make the world turn around? Ignorance is slow bliss

Recess : Best subject of the day Nuff' said.. Anna makes REALLY good chocolate cake. Damn you, I want more cake. Grr.

English : Madam H was in such a happy mood today. She got pissed at one point but meh, it's virtually impossible to stay neutral at my class. We're acidic like ascorbic acid. Did The Lotus Eater, a poignant little thing that scarred my head the whole day after that.
Found out that Mr Wong's leaving the school for one in Menglembu. He wasn't exactly our most favourite teacher, but I think I'll miss him. Geo and EA for 2 years kinda leaves a mark eventually. But no more gardening woot~! Hopefully, we get Nurzila for EA, she's nice. And she likes my hair :D

Oh my God I'm writing like 'her.' JILL. HELP.

Chemistry : Zilch. Nil. Zero. We spent one whole period reading the newspaper and coming up with an English name for Shu Qi [SHERYL!]. Babbled endlessly about The Nanny and spent the next 10 minutes trying to find Joyce an English name. You still look like a unisexual-named person. :D

Can't comment on CF since I bailed at 2.30 for SquatchxD Practice xD. Pn Jessy's how to spell ah? Am I the only one who thinks it's weird to call her Mrs Jessy husband came to preach. Can I get an AMEN for God? xD

AND I'VE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT the Chemistry lab assistant is nice.

Squatch practice was...squirmy. Oh yeah, Sonia, you squirmy serial killer with an attitude problem, you make me lol, my Blink182 friend :D
Physics tuition was naptime. Until we saw the table, of course. JiaYun, we have news for you.

But the best part about school today was the continous talking with Jill. I miss talking so much to you, do you know that? :) I'm glad we still have conversations like these to remind me why we've been friends for eons.

"I'm a Legend. I'm Jill Legend. What's the name of that movie? With Will Smith?"
"I Am Legend."
"Yeah. I AM Legend."

"It's an unlikely friendship."

Yeah. She's a 250-year old legend, my deskmate is. She's also made up of 250000000000 watt of AWESOMENESS.

Word out.

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