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Friday, August 7, 2009


You know, I read the newspaper today and found out that the Toyota Prius has been finally released in Malaysia. I mean seriously, bout' time t released hybrid cars here! Pshhh..
But that's not the case.

See, I was planning to tell my dad to get a Toyota Prius since it feels like ages since they changed the stupid car. And besides, it's environment-friendly and economical. So why not, right?


Cos' I was sitting in school, waiting for my dad to come and fetch me, and suddenly I see this black car, super-new numberplate and all with my dad behind the driver's seat..And then it hit me,

He bought a stupid Fortuner. A big, gigantic Toyota Fortuner.

I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS. They didn't even tell me they were buying a new car. Pffffft.
But why an SUV? Not that I have any problems with it, but why now? Is it some kinda male retail-therapy thing? Buy a car?

My parents are weird.
But :DDD have I mentioned how much I love the smell of new cars? xD

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