[Not So] Caféine-intoxiqué..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vendetta, m'dear.

Wheeee: Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe

I had a startling epiphany today. :\

"I'm gonna go back to my insane, coffee-drinking ways. It's like as if life's just not the same anymore without 4 cups of coffee a day."

Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Once you start having stupid bursts of intuition at 7, you KNOW you have way too much times in your hands.

By the way, someone [namely, CLARE] clear this up for me, okay? Was I kinda/maybe/sorta/very high today? Louder than normal and did the swear-o-meter flash neon-Amber Rose-hair blue today? Cos' I distinctively remember squirting my soya bean drink at Shannon so that she'd shut up about God knows what and telling her I'd plan a barmitz[fudgecake] for her since she keeps on hinting ever so subtly yah right about her birthday party. And I kinda remember screaming WE'VE BEEN MORAL'D~" in class today. Excluding the swearing part, I don't normally do that on a regular basis. I don't usually volunteer to plan obscenity-themed, travesties of Jewish coming of age ceremonies.
I've answered my own question. No more Van Houten chocolate beans during Add Maths. So maddeningly saddening. No random rap songs about boyfriends in Korean either.

Something or rather someone which kinda seems too obvious to be hinted got me thinking about my sixteenth birthday. It's 2 bloody months from now and I really don't feel like throwing a Ridiculousis-suffering, FF/StarWars-themed party for it. If you think about it, or if you've been reading my blog enough, you should be wondering, WHAT SWEET SIXTEENTH? Please la, my sixteenth this year's gonna be sour milk that tastes of bitter, homemade chocolates covered in chinchilla fur. Nuff' said.

Believe me, I don't even know where the hell that came from.

Premise 1 : My hand sanitizer smells of Pengkurus.
Premise 2 : Penkurus makes people high
Conclusion : My hand sanitizer made me high.

Today's stupidity has been the result of an intoxicating, thinner-based hand sanitizer. :D

So...Shannon's BARN party. We're all gonna wear floppy straw hats and I'm gonna end up dragging Jill and hiding her in a haystack. Away from the horses, with a fedora. :D I'll bring you root beerm if you'd like it.

And dear Shannon, horse stench isn't an exception to airborne-ness, my dear.

When they said they were gonna give me the agenda, I kinda expected a standard A4 paper. And they gave me this.
It's not half an A4 paper!

Yeah, go save trees la, you people.

Mum emptied the fridge of chocolates today. Apparently, we didn't want them..
Since when do I ever turn down chocolate bars?
My life is doomed until the next 7/11 trip.

#53. Go one day without saying the word 'die' or any other word associated with it.

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