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Thursday, September 24, 2009

12.59 thoughts

43 pages of History done, and I'm here. Give me some credit, I studied one month before my exam.

Doesn't matter cos you're still gonna forget, loser.

I want sarcasm. I need it so desperately, especially when I'm at this point in my life where I'm 16 and my life's not perfect and I'm whining like a brat.

Okay. Cliche.

I'm not drunk, believe me. Though I'm having a drunk conversation with JiaYun and Serene on Facebook.

And my birthday's 11 days away. Is that reason to celebrate just a little?

Fudgecake, I don't have anything to celebrate for.

I want to eat really good ramen.


The best things in life end with 'ie'

Eg. Lie, Die PIE.

I will Photoshop that.

HELL YES. I've finally figured how to fix those noses on Photoshop. Vampirism, here I come.

Ezzrriiieeeeee worded out at 12:11 AM

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