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Friday, September 11, 2009

Boca. :S

Start hell singing: Uncle Kracker - Smile

Forget how to breathe.

I tend to make a mind-movie whenever I read a book. I think everyone does it, or can't help doing it. It's a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing, yes?
Damn. I shouldn't have read Teach Me. Mr Mann. Oh My God. Mr Mann.IS... Carlisle Cullen.


I sat there for 15 minutes, trying to get another actor into my head, anyone, even that gorgeous guy in Bloemenmarkt will do. But no, it was Peter Godknowswhathisnameis. Not that I'm complaining, he's certainly good looking but no, JUST NO. He just doesn't seem like Mr Mann to me. :(

I'm dissatisfied

Stupid romance novels

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