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Monday, September 28, 2009


... So I got news today, from a friend that her brother passed away last Saturday. It was an odd conversation, almost like it never happened
"Ezri, you know my brother? The elder one? He died."
But that line right there has been playing in my head the whole damn day, refusing to go. I think the only reason why it's there is because I've heard it before, I know how it feels to lose a brother.
And then Mayuri tells me how he died. Dammit, I nearly wanted to scream. Cry. Cut. Whatever.

But I promised, right?

Hence, I'll pray. And perhaps I'll go visit. I'm guessing I'll have to tell my mum since I need to go for the prayers. I hope her family gets better.

"Yeah so your mum and her mum can cry the whole day and out of nowhere you're emo aunt can come and cry with them."

My deskmate is so full of crap. :)

"Or maybe, maybe God's just bored of all those old goonies up there. Maybe he needs new peepz, that's why he's taking all the young people! YEAH!"

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