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Friday, October 23, 2009


Start hell singing: Cute Is What We Aim For - Curse Of Curves

Chemistry. [Insert maniacal laugh here. :D does not cut it.] I think almost everyone would come to agreement with me here. Didn't it just suck?
But failing is good. Or at least I'm going to continue telling this to myself till my insular little self accepts it. Granted, it's probably a a big lie but then again, wouldn't anyone prefer a harmless lie to a big fresh slap-on-the-face truth?

At least there are three days to prepare for Biology, mother of all my Science subjects. <- My parents seem to think so, they're INCREDIBLY keen on me becoming a doctor in the future, it scares me for the most part. For the sake of all future patients, I'd rather have Economics, Game Programming or marriage to a yakuza boss.

Ataraxia. I wish :(

AND. She's listening to most of what's on MY iTunes playlist and I'm the one who's panicking. Not that I'm completely resolute in my stand on sharing music with people. It's fine, really. What really irks me is that when what I'm listening to appears on my MSN personal message and within the course of 12 hours, I see the same song/artist on hers. It annoys me a lot because I spend a lot of time lurking on the internet [proof will be in exam papers] for good bands and all that, I'm more of an indie music and contemporary alternative rock person and you don't get a lot of that in Malaysian radios now do you? Seriously though, why are you so DESPERATE? If you have so much time to look at my display message to leech songs off my playlist, why can't you go LOOK for your own cup of tea coffee?

Besides, I hardly think she's the type who would give up [Insert Lil 'Something' here] for Florence + The Machine or MGMT or Michael Penn. ;P

AND THIS SONG. I re-found it. Read the lyrics and you'll probably know why I'm fixated with it.

"I wanna be a plastic surgeon. Get to see people complaining about their ugly faces."
"You wanted to be a fricking dentist before this."

"I'm not going to say anything. "
"I'm not going to say anything either."

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