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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Start hell singing: The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

Instead of studying Chem, I'm having an enlightening conversation about FIFA 10 with 2 dudes on Facebook. It came out today~ I'm gonna buy it after finals end. The soundtrack sounds pretty solid and since FIFA World Cup is next year, better get into the mood :D

When I was created [yeah, puts me in line with fruity hair conditioners and Mars bars] , I was obviously a guy, and Chinese/Not Indian, but God decided to screw it a little and so, here I am, Indian and a girl. ;)

FIONA suggested me for graphic designer to our dear CikLai and she wants to see some of my 'designs' and she insists that she wants things contemporary for the yearbook and now, Aku ada crisis. Idek if I wanna join it or not. Jill thinks I should because I've wanted it for such a long time but then again, RESPONSIBILITIES is equals to me being unable to spell responsibilities properly and stress and late nights.
Oh, by the looks of it, I think I already am a graphic designer -_-

And CikLai wants to see my blog since yoursbigmouthtruly blurted out that the supposed-designs are on my blog. I don't think my blog's all that objectionable since I don't 'mengumpat tentang cikgu' here, but then again, wouldn't it be kind of weird if your BM teacher was reading your blog?

Or maybe Kristal is right, if CikLai read my blog, she probably won't understand a thing considering the only thing I write here is about video games, passing fixations and mild depression stints.


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