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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seoulmate - :D

Lets save friends who suck.

"Don't you feel the need to save her?!"
"OF COURSE I DO! It's just that it's no use. She's gonna remain the same she was for the past 16 years.."

"Well you can be person who helps and I can be the person who wants to help but can't"

*dies laughing*


Start hell singing: The Lonely Island Feat. Chris Parnell - Lazy Sunday

*still laughing*


But no, what am I doing? I'm reading someone's cbox, vaguely stalkerish because as we all already know, anon feuds on blogs are made of epik awesomeness.

Keep em rolling, fellas. Your readers are only getting more amused.

Yeah I know, I'm such a busybody. Known fact.

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