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Friday, October 30, 2009

Types of F-

Start hell singing: Epik High - 평화의 날

Fanflippingbloody fantastic, I just spent 2 fudgecaking days in the hospital. Not consecutively I. But still, fish it sideways. 1st day was spent with me throwing up on the way to school, getting a gastroscope done [AGAIN] while I was supposed to be doing my Physics paper. Naturally, it's the mofo bile reflux thing going on. I came back at about 12 in the afternoon. But I got admitted overnight 12 hours later because my gastritis was so prolonged and it has been going on like that on and off for the past 2 weeks so yeah. My parents actually panicked a little, I find that surprising since they're like medical geniuses and when even THEY panic, it had better be serious.

AND, I've missed 5 tests altogether. FML. I'm not one to compromise my studies, or my whole life for that matter but flick it, why now? I'm not usually like this but why's everything so goddamn different now? It's a 360, no, 68903689043905 degree turn, quickly revolving. I want my old life back. The one where I would actually turn up for exams, do it badly, get stressed by it, flip out on everyone, get scary mood swings and in the end, be disappointed. Cliche to say, I hate the person I've become. It's. Just. Not. Me.

I need a confirmation name xD

So far, these are the suggestions.
1. Bridget of Sweden. Phail name is of epik proportions of phail
3. Botticelli... Thanks Serene xD
4. Fettucini Alfredo. Meh
5. Marion. I actually like this
6. Rachel. My aunt is insane

Suggest me, my darling subjects

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