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Friday, November 20, 2009


Start hell singing: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Moulin Rouge, why doesn't anyone have a DVD copy of this? Cold, heartless, coldless people, you all are.
Speaking of movies, I just read the review Roger Ebert [ Google it, truff] gave for New Moon :D I'm beyond happy, as you can see. My less-than-vague hate for this movie shows quite clearly, don't it? XD happyhappyjoyjoy

Today was.......
The last day of Form4, the last day of the year before your last year in school and hell, it scares me senseless. There were actually a few girls crying away in school and I couldn't help but to feel so bloody scared, for me and us but not them. That's probably how I'm [or hell, we're] gonna react next year, poster girls for "anti-depressants".

I can't believe I'm saying this, considering how much of a daredevil I consider myself [:D] but I REALLY am scared for next year. And what's ahead of it. The thought of no more sudden bursts into random English/Korean songs and no more going "MU WONNN!!!!!" [while everyone within a 5 metre radius stare] and no more going "FIRE IN THE HOLE - BOOOOMMMMMMM!" in the canteen. Damn. But that's reality isn't it? It hits you so hard in the face. Yeah sure, you get to enjoy all the perks now till you don't realize how much time passes and when the actual harshness of reality hits you, it's just so..unexpected, I guess? Yeah. It's sudden and it doesn't come nice. :\

Writing that almost made me cry. Seriously, I would say I'm a goner without you guys. :)
I just realized I sound like I'm going to die soon or something. But oh wells, you never know right?


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