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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Damn thee

Pardonnez-moi, awesomesauce-radiating people, but yours truly is going to be off lurking the interwebz for a bit. The reason being the metallic insides of my beloved computer have been TOTAFREAKINGLY fried by one of God's many wonders; LIGHTNING and is now currently in the shop. My computer, lovingly named Philip Junkhead has been through ups and downdowndowns with me and will continue to have my utmost support as it goes into the OR...at the computer shop...while I'm home. Yeah, it's aerial love bb..

I even wrote a damn AuntAgony letter to those guys at MajorGeeks. Would you like to see it


Seriously though. First it got attacked by that Security Tool virus on Sunday. I swear to God, I didn't download it, I'm much smarter than that to have done it :D. I DID kick it's 'viral' arse though, using MalwareBytes. But then after that my whole computer went cuckoo and I had to startup 25 hundred times till it would work and it was like having a Blaster virus all over again :( Turns out my PSU got fried grillbakedbarbecued by lightning. So it could never startup properly. And who knows, my hard drive could be screwed too. Woe is me, screwed is my computer. :(

I still have my laptop though, but it's different since my REAL documents folder was in the computer. So yeah, 4000 songs and pictures and damn, this is gonna make me cry. ///wrists

So...be back on Monday or if Godwilling, Saturday.

Bye, twits


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