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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gay blood-sucking vampires with anemia are not cool.

Start hell singing: Interpol - Hands Away

My blog is drowning in a pool of death. Mauled by the claws of suckiness. Fallen into an oblivion-like pit of nothingness. Given the blogging-kiss of death by Lord Cyber Techie Techie. Kicked by legs suffering from a highly contagious disease called BLOGDOM-PHAIL.

...Or I'm just too caught up playing Dissidia to even bother updating it. But then again, I changed the blog title so that's a start XD

Oh yesh, proof that I'm a consistency-whore ;D

That put more than just a smile on my face.

Better write more so that my blog doesn't die.
Meh. watched Twilgiht today in the Bio lab and I think I pretty much annoyed the crap outta Clare and Sonia and Anna with my comments considering the amount of contempt I hold for this bastardization of a movie. No seriously, wall paint dripping could act better than both of them altogether.

ALTHOUGHHHHH, I'll happily watch it if Peter Facinelli [lol] had more screen time. Seriously, go for the dad with "ageless features and the medical degree" :D

Yes, he's a 300 year old vampire. Going on 400 :D


Sighs. Word out.
Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think I'm being alienated/alienating every chance there is. :\ Funny..but its not like 'friends forever' ever means anything. Meh.

Ezzrriiieeeeee worded out at 11:52 PM

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