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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy you're in love.

Taken from a cekap sial site, a review of (500) Days Of Summer.

"On Day 150, you’re going to see it again. By Day 200, you will have told all your friends about it, and they will have seen it twice. Suddenly, this little indie romance you heard about on a movie review website won’t feel like yours anymore. Everyone else will have seen it, and that will diminish some of the intimacy. By Day 325, friends of yours who forgot that you told them about the movie will come up to you, after seeing 500 Days of Summer on DVD, and recommend it to you, tell you how great it is, how it seems like a movie you’d really love. And you’ll be, like, “No shit. I told you about that movie six months ago.” And as this movie gets bigger and bigger, and as even people you despise fall in love with it, too, you’ll start to feel a little resentment toward it. By Day 375, the backlash will be in full force — a small, but vocal minority of cynical jackasses on that same website that first told you about the movie will start to rant about how 500 Days of Summer is too clever for its own good, that it’s too precious or whimsical or quirky or offbeat, and the voice of that vocal minority will drown out your own once-great affection for the movie. And by Day 456, you will absolutely despise 500 Days of Summer. You will jump on the backlash bandwagon. You will scream, “Overrated!” from the rooftops. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s newfound fame will irritate the hell out of you.

But on Day 498, 500 Days of Summer will air on television late one night while you’re alone, and you’ll watch it for the first time since you saw it the second time in the theater (your DVD copy remains unopened). And you’ll fall completely in love with it all over again — you’ll remember what it was about the movie that felt so honest and true and relatable and heartbreakingly beautiful, and everyone else will have moved on to the next big Zeitgestian film, and the intimacy you once felt for 500 Days of Summer will return. You may even quietly appreciate it more than you once did, because in the last 498 days, things have happened in your romantic life that made 500 Days speak to you even more than it once had. And the next morning, while you’re at brunch with friends, you’ll remark, “I forgot how much I love 500 Days of Summer. It’s such a funny, powerfully moving romantic film.” And some guy sitting across from you, scarfing down a steak-tip omelet and sweating from all the Tabasco sauce he poured onto it, will reply, “Overrated!”

And you will retort, simply, “You’re an idiot.”"

This is exactly how I feel and how I'm going to feel. It was released in January mind you, that's why I knew a LONG time ago. But I'm not one for online movies, so I waited. :

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