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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Start hell singing: Epik High - Fan

Lists are awesome. Yes, they are. Especially when it's actually about something you've come along liking. Like per say, video games, for moi, or indie movies and shows like House. Characters like Charlie from Life. Awesome shows that get cancelled. Awesome shows that have fallen into a downward spiral of suckiness. You see where I'm at.

I can't say for sure whether it's the hundreds of comments/anti-comments right after the list or maybe even the simple caption underneath an image or hell, the goddamn article itself. It's riveting XD I couldn't help but to laugh when I wrote everything before this, I'M FANGIRLING ON LISTS. This is just made up of epik proportions of awesome

Call me a list-o-phile, I don't mind.

But honestly though, I loathe it when they place Cloud above Zack on all those 'Top 10 FFVII Characters list" Pisses me off. I'd like to see Cloud as more of a continuation of Zack and not the poster boy for FFVII [literally, he is.]

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