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Friday, November 13, 2009


Start hell singing: Clazziquai Project - Romeo N Juliet

Hmm. I think I'm going to trade in that damn PS3 for a PS3 Slim instead The backward compatibility in the current one is screwed [I know la, Slim has none], and the system is a bit laggy. Could blame my brother for playing nonstop on the first week he bought it.. :(
What makes me proud is that my brother had a PS3 even though it wasn't even out in Malaysia yet. Bangga sial. I wanna be a rich electrical engineer xD

Anyways. Yeah, I wanna get a PS3 Slim. All the awesome games are being released on it. And hell, I REALLY WANNA PLAY FALLOUT 3. I know it's been over a year that it's out but I just hate playing games on my computer cos' the graphics are usually bastardized and that gameplay's laggy and installing more than 2 games on my computer is equal to PC Fudgecakeation.

One problem. The damn thing is still in KL, in my cousin's house. They shared the place, so yeah. :(

It's not annoying. It's LOVE. - Jill.

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