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Friday, December 18, 2009

Back burner

Raising hell with: Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool

Sister is in Penang, poking around USM for 2 days and she's gonna be back today.

"My luck is so stupid, I tell you.. PSP got stolen."
"Mmhmm. And?"
"...nothing else lah. *flips through newpaper* Shit. LOOK AT HIS *stabs paper* Converse is having A FRICKING SALE UP t 70%. Oh and guess where it is? QUEENSBAY MALL. Dammit la."
"Near USM la. I'll buy one for you."
"Yeah. You look kinda pathetic without your PSP anyway."

[Clazziquai's Tell Yourself plays]
"*grunts* Hullow?"
"Ehh. That shoe you wanted. What is it?"
"I knowww. But what type do you want?"
"I want the sleeping type. Ask the dude for Chuck Taylors."
"The school shoes one ah? Wait. [At the salesguy] Do you have Chuck Taylors?"
"Chuck Taylors huh? What's that? Lee Cooper ah?"
"O_O wtf how can someone work in a Converse shop without knowing what the hell are Chuck Taylors."
"Buy one that's nice. Please and thank you. I wanna go sleep."
":D ZZZ"

Moral of the story. Kampung Ipoh people are better off working at Converse shops. AT LEAST I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JACK AND CHUCK :D And I think I'd actually like this job.
Schizo uncle. I'm gonna go schizo thanks to cognition one day. Sod it. People do things. And everything has a reason. That was grammatically incorrect but who cares. Christmas is in week! I AM ECSTATIC. ARE YOU?

Time, Truth and Hearts.
They're right. I got soul but I'm not a soldier has the logic-equivalence as saying "I got ham but I'm not a hamster" Granted, it doesn't make much sense when you think about what it means but still, wouldn't it be monumentally awesome if you could scream it out along with a 100 other people on an open field. It sounds powerful and well, logic.. It's either 100 other people went on happy pills with you or it has to make sense right? If 100 people are screaming, IT DOES have to make sense.

Forgive me. I'm on a very indie diet. Surviving on PTA's list can do things to your brain. Sides, my Ps2 bailed on me so meh.

That said, I should probably wash my school shoes now O_____o

He's so beautiful is it even possible to be that beautiful gosh i'm overthinking and this is hazardous my sanity is at stake here but guddammit he's just so beautiful no it's not hot not even good looking he just happens to unconventionally beautiful like daniel craig or something but he's not blond eh he's not even indian [yay] that was racist but oh my god i think i just saw the most beautiful boy in planet so far someone needs to kill me before i do something utterly stupid like abduct him and put him in a steel cage hanging by a thread at the goddamn eiffel and yes it doesn't help that he's not 5000000 miles away no he's with my aunt he's with my cousin he's not from here he's gonna be here for a bit but when he leaves can i keep him no i can't oh screw it all he's grown so much so so much. This Is Not Good.

Temporary insanity. Separation anxiety. I need happy pills.

"Something tells me that at some point of my life, I'm going to do drugs. Maybe not the hard ones but the ones good enough to have you write a sad britpop song naked in winter clad in superman's cape. Yeah. And you'd be writing it with Wolverine's claws"

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