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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Raising hell with: Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension

Went to video game haven, I wanted to cry everytime I saw a PSP.

You're supposed to be thankful during Christimas, yes? Then I'm gonna make a list paper, scan it and slap it down here. Because I can't just turn on the computer everyting I have this sudden burst of thought.

Oh and Shannon I can't believe you still read my blog :D Can't believe anyone reads it actually. Aren't you sick of my blabbering already?

I'm off to Penang on the 26th apparently since we're all lazy on Christmas day itself. Dad has a conference so mum and sis and I are gonna be shopping. Will be back on the 27th I guess, cos' dad has to work on the 28th -___-

But at least I'm gonna be here for Mass at OMPH. Sonia texted me to go XD And now I'm on a mission to get Shannon to go.

Yesterday was kinda..strange though. My grandaunt tried really hard to convert me into a Jehovah's Witness. She was preaching one-to-one to me, telling me how rigged my Catholic beliefs are and how God wouldn't approve of most things that we do and how we're supposed to be devoted in doing God's will. She also told me that people are the main cause of their own death by not adhering to what God said [Yes, she was indirectly refering to my brother. Gee, thanks. It brings me so much joy to know that my brother was really bored and just decided to go against God and consequently, he died.]

So I just nodded at all the right places and just listened to her rambling away.

I don't see the point of preaching to me since my anti-organizations belief kinda rubbed into my religion. I don't like identifying with my denomination, but more of just Christian as a whole. It's enough that we're broken up into our respective religions, so why break it down even more?

I guess it's true when she says that the Bible didn't say anything on celebrating birthdays and Christmas trees, but then again that's a lifestyle thing. It isn't religion-oriented. It's like saying just because the Bible didn't mention anything about wearing hats, we shouldn't wear hats. Hell no.. Christmas trees have something do with Pagan worship, I know. But it's not like we're praying to our trees right? OH MY GOD, TREE! You gotta roll with the times.

I do have a lotta faith in God and my religion is really important to me, but I'm not gonna base my whole life on it. I'm not gonna let it interfere with my choices in life either.


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