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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You may be a sinner but your innocence is mine.

Gosh, I'm in love with that line. Muse's Undisclosed Desires, peeps.

:D I've made up mind, I'm not going for that prom, it seems so cliche all of a sudden.SORRY SONIA M'DEAR. I hardly think I'm gonna be around during the 11th anyway, probably in Penang or somewhere with good food and aesthetically-endowed young men. Sides, my initial date and I dumped each other without any of us realizing it, she has a new chick ;P OHH ANDDDDDD, I'm not in the mood for any social events at the moment since this year sucks black holes and I'm not ready, okay? Let May 1st of next year pass and then I'll consider going for anything.

Tbh, I feel really disengaged right now. I don't know if it's the whole 7th month feeling hitting or Godknowswhat but that's just it, I feel deadened. It's not the atmosphere, it's not the people, believe me. I'M making myself like this. I never liked mind-killing someone with my problems, let alone write it on my blog for the whole to read. I mean sure, there's the occasional rambling about school and whatnot but no, I've never said anything about a really deep problem. I guess I'm cagey like that, reserved with absolutely no intent on spilling anything. It makes me somewhat independent, I suppose. I'm not in a LOT OF THINGS, but I think when it comes to dealing with my life problems [most of the time :|], I'm good on myself.

But not now.

I think my reserved self is caving in on well, myself. It's making me different. Quiet maybe? Self doesn't feel like talking to anyone, it's not an egomaniacal thing going on. Like I said, I'm just detached.

MAYBE it's for the better. Or a phase. Perhaps staying dead-quiet is a good thing, for everyone. Idek if it's Ezz-ish to be quiet, but yeah, maybe that's gonna change.

NO m'dear, no Zoo Negara.

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