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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweet desertion

Raising hell with: Julian Casablancas - Out Of The Blue

I think it's impossible to stay happy without dealing with a blow in the end. Life isn't like that, it never is and never will be. Life doesn't go about based on your terms, because someone [Idkwho] plans it, carries it out, screws it, makes a point out of it, gives you ice-cream-tasting happiness, grabs that away and watches you rot hell.

Be happy on Thursday, Friday turns it upside down, Saturday you're depressed, Sunday you're numb, Monday you're accepting, Tuesday is back to normal. It's revolving cycle, with invisible-like qualities. You can't stop it as it spins from one end to the other because it's just too fast to handle, it's a Porsche, you're a bicycle. Like that.



Did basically nothing. Went to the cemetery since Mum loves to make herself depressed all the time Call me insensitive, but I hardly think post-mortem is the time to start praising someone you never really praised about before. At least Shannon came over and hung for a bit. This, I find unbelievably awesome cos' BWAHAHAHAHAHA 2 BUDDIES SO FAR TO HAVE VISITED MY PLACE :D
Played Batman Lego for a while and then she went back. My dogs love her, especially Whimper Jay and Jack xD Went to Penang at about 6-ish.
WE, COMPLETELY UNPLANNED, stayed at The Cove. NOT. HARD ROCK. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW PISSED I AM. But I still walked to it from the beach though :D

Remembering those people who were lost and people who have lost in the tsunami. God bless you guys, you really did go through a lot :(

While Daddy was at his conference thingy, we went shopping, naturally. Bought some stuff since Topshop was having a good sale. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS are done. I know it's late pssshh.
Met up with Aunt Rachel, Daniel [WHY DOES HE GROW TALLER ALL THE TIME] and PrettyBoylooking good in red dies :D I was very, very happy. You have no idea how much. We talked about our mutual love for Star Wars and Darth Vader and Unreality while waiting for the other people [They shop more than me :\] . No shiet. He reads Unreality. And I always thought there could only be someone who's fanatically-weird as me. :O Shocker.

BLAH. Spent most of my day afterward with Mum&Sis, AR, D and PB. PrettyBoy makes me exceedingly happy.

Beach. As much as I like the beach, I CANNOT STAND THE SUN. Babysat Joshua, he liked the water a lot :D Cute kid. Kept on high5-ing tourists whenever they passed. OH AND THERE WERE REALLY HOT SHIRTLESS GUYS FROLICKING AROUND THEY WERE HOT. But not AS hot as Iknowwho. So meh at them. I SMILED, at every person I passed, tourist or local since Malaysians are apparently very hospitable [O_o]. I decided to live up to that fact. I swear the insides of my cheek are nearly hemorrhaging but they smiled back so YAYS! I am now a cordial person :)
I plan to be nicer next year. For real. I SHALL SMILE.

The horse hated me though >:\

Leave. Near cry. Hugs. Un-family. I will miss all of them, but not as much as PrettyBoy :( He deleted his Facebook account, that bastard. Guys like that don't come very often, that's sad. He's not even Malaysian guddammit. It's not fair. Why finish? I hate endings.

I feel so fucked up right now.

If infinity was that long.

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