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Sunday, January 17, 2010

annus horribilis

I love my video games

I CAN'T blog everything out, so I resort to gaming. An unconventional method but a useful one. I'm can't be arsed to care about what other people think about it for one. I care a hell load about what people think but when it comes to this, SOD OFF.
Some people have different little channels, it could be music, or Kpop [dude it's not music, it's a universe iyhn] or alcohol but gaming is mine.

Give me some credit, please? I put up with a hell lot in one day and no, it's not just 5+ hours of a totally different language so yeah, don't go all over your head thinking that's my problem, okay? I have my crumbling family to deal with, studies, my parents' obvious favouritism towards my sister and my mum continually treating me like an outsider. technically, when i get much of that at home, it certainly does suck that it happens in school too.

That's probably why I love tuning out and being silent. but no, QUIET DOESN'T MEAN ANGRY. If you can't get that, then Idk what to do.

For once in my life, I really feel suicidal. I need THAT PERSON to talk to. the one that nods at all the right places. Please come back.

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