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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've finally gotten over my fear of Thaipusam. Maybe its because I've grown older, or maybe it's because it all seems pretty..normal now. Its like how people of other religions cringe when they see a huge crucifix or while watching the passion play.
Religions aren't the same. We have differences, you learn to accept them and get over that intense fear you had. Like moi. I no longer am afraid of kavadis :D

But hell, I'm not gonna look at the guy in chains ever [literally. he has chains licked to him]. My sister followed her friend to Batu Caves last week, for funzies and there was a guy in trance. He eyelocked with her. The thing is, one the guys sees you, YOU HAVE TO GO TO HIM. Because he's a deity. So yeah, she was really scared so she just went on to him. And he ummm..put that red kumkum on her forehead and the end. Whereas, if you DON'T go to him, he'll end up shouting and chasing you. Lol. Oh and he's in chains..because he's fricking uncontrollable. If he decided to stomp on you, chances are he will. So the guy who's holding the chains <- He's a Godsent.

I saw Thiru too! :D And effit, I hurt my feet. Gosh. SO MUCH WALKING.

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