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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh hell.

Raising hell with: Ke$ha - TiK ToK

YAYS! Most mainstream song of my playlist. Nuhh, I've pretty much set the record for most latest time to listen to this song :- 3 months after it was released on Malaysian radios. Since I'm an electronica-junkhead like that, it IS an awesome song.

1st day of school was so MEH-worthy. Not only did I ultimately convince myself that I am in fact, one huge potload of mean, evil, btchy, and miserable but at the same time, I re-realized why I don't miss school much. Except for recess, I don't miss it much. Yeah, I'm a miserable twat who finds joy in other people's misery and yes, I like being the mean idiot that I am, I like telling people to sod off, I'm incapable of being nice because I'm depraved. Oh and I hate altruists. Geez. Here I thought "Hey, maybe the new year won't be so bad. Maybe some random alignment of stars or whatnot's gonna make me a bit more patient" but no.

It doesn't work that way? Fine, so be it. Labels like that, I will be.

She is right, it IS tiring. One mistake, JUST ONE [or 2. whatever, I'm impatient and defensive] MISTAKE, and you're all set for life.. Official witch. Baddie. Villain fit for any Coen Brothers' movie.

MEHHHHH. So be it. You think I'm mean? Sure.

Anyway, moving on to less [x]-inducing things :


E! did some kind of commentary on it, I figured that Glee would kinda suck, as did 90210 [stick acting -_-].

But I was wrong. In fact, after previews and reviews, I'm officially convinced that Glee is anything but sucky. IT'S PRETTY DARN AWESOME! The best part is that it's not like that horrendous High School Musical load of bull. If there actually is a decent musical out there these days, Glee has got to be it.

It's funny, realistic [Seriously HSM, cafeterias aren't gigantic enough to burst out singing and dancing at random], and get this, THEY CAN ACTUALLY SING. Okay, fine. Some of their renditions suck, but hell, Gold Digger was really good.

Bloody hell, I ACTUALLY LOVE this version. I hated the real one :D

I'm definitely going to be doing that lame "L" sign with JiaYun tomorrow :D


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