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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tables are turned

Dear 17 years acquaintance,

you don't deserve my wrath [and hell knows I can be quite a handful], but please, I beg you, PLEASE don't tell me anything on how I should treasure my life, okay? Unlike you, I wasn't born with all the luck in the world, nor the brains or diligence like you. It isn't a vague fact that I'm not the nicest person when it comes to people, but hell, I'm not the one who's the grudgekeeper [Thank God] Like I said, you are one lucky bitch. A pretty one, a brainy one, a people-friendly one, the one 'rents would be hella proud for. Unlike me, as per usual. I'm the black sheep and I know that. I've lived up to that fact but this year, I decided to change just a bit. More nicer since that's the only one I CAN tweak. Unfortunately, it hasn't been easy and I'm struggling. The hindrances keep on targeting me front on. Which sucks, might I add. Nonetheless, I REALLY am trying. Nevermind the inane Facebook and Twitter updates. Nevermind the blogposts.

All I'm saying is, I hardly think the crown jewel should be advising the rusty kettle on being grateful.

that said, bye.

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