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Friday, February 12, 2010

Aesthetic fearlessness

R.I.P Alexander McQueen :(

Can you believe this? He took his own life, just a week before London Fashion Week. I can't blame him though, his mother died on the 2nd and prior to that, he had a friend, Isabella Blow who committed suicide as well.

Nonetheless, shocking as it is, it's true. An avant garde legend, a genius beyond comprehension and a fashion phenom that he was, Alexander McQueen has died. The fashion world has clearly lost a remarkable fashion prodigy.

Maybe yeah, his designs definitely weren't the perfect illustration of conventional, but the fact that they were always unexpected, sublimely insane and yet oddly relevant dared ordinary people to get out of their shell, experiment and go wild with their style [11 inch heels or SJP's dress to the Costume Institute Gala, anyone?]. And if it wasn't just fashion, he DARED people to be unique. Different even if the whole world wanted you to be prosaic.

11 inches :O

Yeah, he's the bunny :]

Lee Alexander McQueen, you will be surely sorely missed.

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