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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fogged mirrors.

Hello, there iTunes - MGMT - Kids

Civics presentation? What Civics presenation? I can't even remember anything other than mental disorders and NGOs. Noshiet, I totally MGMT'd during Civics. Right well. I think it was something to do with an NGO or NPO. Something along the lines of that? And I'm currently stuck with either Oxfam or Amnesty International -- both loved organizations. Fair trade and human rights ftw! Screw the LRA :D

Uhh maybe not. I'm hammered right now :\


Yes yes, I know it's not an organization, it's a campaign, but I doubt anyone else in my class knows. Sides, I could always justify my actions by saying I was high as fuck. :)

MGMT'd -- Torridly spaced out to Kids.

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