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Friday, February 19, 2010

happy happy joy joy.

Sort of. My parents are giving me the chance to get a new laptop..


after SPM :\

I don't blame them though. I can't be carting around my beloved desktop PC to college or wherever the hell I'm going. Mehh. But at least they're giving me joy of choosing my own, right?

Imo, they're kinda digging their own grave since there's a plausible chance that I'll end up burning a hole through their pocket but I promised them I'll try to make it simple.

To narrow it down, I'm hellbent on getting an Asus [good for gaming mar]. Funfact -Asus helped Sony build the PS3. So now you know where my support is booming from. Also, Asus laptops are pretty. And shiny. And smooth. ELEGANT.. Have you seen them? You could stroke those babies dead. And they have pretty backlit keyboards.

I want one that at the very least, can play Assassin's Creed II without having me whacking the daylights out of it every 5 seconds.
Sound could be so-so since I'm a headphone-junkie.
Graphics must be of utmost LOVE since I'm a sucker for good graphics.
AMD Quad-core, please? I know they're super late when it comes to quadcore mobile processors but I heard they plan on releasing Phenom II mps in May. Let's pray!

Oh wells. Its AFTER le exam of the century. So.....poof.
Geektalk is mindblowing.

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