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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hasbro, you are so going down

Regina Spektor - Your Honor

Here's a premeditated statement.

I am going to hate the new and not-so-improved revamped Monopoly a.k.a Monopoly: Revolution Edition

Honestly guys, ATMs and debit cards? NO PAPER MONEY? No banker? IT'S ROUND INSTEAD OF SQUARE? Can someone please give me one reason why I shouldn't throw my gigantic boot [Or the shoe from She's Got You High] at those people who totally vandalized my beloved, jewel of a board game.
And to add more salt spice hydrogen freaking peroxide to the wound, they plastic-fied our beloved tokens.

Nope. Apparently, little Doggy and boot are TRANSPARENT right now.

It's probably electronic too since now, IT PLAYS SONGS. What the heckery heck? IT PLAYS SONGS. And not oldies like Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby [<3] WHAT THE FLYING FRICKITY FRICK?

Enlighten me here, did someone put shrooms or any high-inducing drug in Hasbro's cafeteria food? I'm willing to go THAT far to find out, people

Call me a traditionalist, but good Lord, what have they done to Monopoly? It's an archetype for board games and games to follow, it's like you know, the board game version of an LBD. Perhaps a few changes, very minor, like....

Eff it all. Don't change a thing about Monopoly.

My semi-economist self tells me to be ready for a huge, crapload of disappointment.

Apart from that, heads up, I'm not gonna be blogging as frequently as before. Priorities are to be straightened and until a gigantic supermeteor or a verneshot comes and BAMBOWBOOOMMMMKABOWW's the MoE's HQ, I'm off, babes.

Have some musical gem. You know my ever-evolving, ever-REvolving love for indie.

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