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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I sound petty.

Hello, there iTunes - Interpol - NYC

deduction. Jill Deskmate Tersayang-ku is ALWAYS right. I AM annoyed.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable and petty - and trust me, this is coming from my own view - BUT at least I'm not being a flaming hypocrite, not anymore I am.. So sod off the next time you're going to complain, allright? You'll make no difference when you do the exact same thing [and heaven knows you will], so honestly, STFU. Right well, while you're busy substantiating your own double standards, take some time to think about who your real friends are. Or are you too busy thinking of the social hierarchy to even give a damn?

There. I just proved what an idiot I am for being friends with someone like that
. Whatever.

I'm not going for recess in the canteen tomorrow. Indian food ftmfw. ;9

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