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Saturday, April 24, 2010


OMG. I was talking to Shannon today about Zack Fair [WHAT?!] and it suddenly hit me who Jeremy [who's name I forgot ._.] reminds me of...

Zack Fair. Level with me, the pretty face, the hair and it sucks that his eyes aren't mako-injected [or I'd be spewing sky-concerning metaphors] but still isn't it just awesome that I've FINALLY met someone who looks like a video game character? YEAH! I actually can't believe I obsessed about him for 3 weeks without realizing this.


Does anyone know what the burning hell is wrong with my face? There's too many rashes. And pimples. And IT'S OILY. Do I need to remind people about my visceral hate for having an oily face grrrrr. This is atrocious.


I don't get what Double B, Raito-san, Issues and I do sometimes.

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