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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where's the drama?

Resonate: Mika - Blame It On the Girls

Pesta can be summarized in one word. HOT HOT HEAT! Yes, that was actually 3 words but my brains refuse work right now so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Almost ;D

Pimpin', yes? Earphone addiction ;D

Business was soaring, and it continued for about 6 hours

Jill and me. :)

The unnies. Jo and Kristalll

That girl who dreams a lot and the DS-less person.

Shannon and me. :) VIDEO GAMES FTW BB

The WTF Banira and Fangu pose.

She looks so bored, I tell you -___-

Shannon, Ezri and Amelia

The first word that popped into my head when I saw this picture was : CATHOLIC :D

While Andrina, Sonia and I were overly happy, doesn't Shannon look particularly at...calm? Someone injected her with a tranquilizer lol.

Shannon, Ezri, Andrina and Sonia. :)

In class. blowing balloons.

Thiru and Lilian. Lol.


Anna's Scandalous image #34. With JoLee

Failed attempt at Anna's Scandalous image #35 because I kept on laughing >.> IT WAS FUNNY LA

....Was I gonna punch her or something? She looks particularly AhBeng-ish lol

JiaYun , Kristal and Anna.

Fiona. And..Serene's back. Lol.

JiaYun, me, JoLee and Fi-ownah. :)

"WAIT, I SEE YOU." "You're in front of me" LOL.
Me and Anna and Serene. :)

With Joyce my dear Co-Terrorist and Farhana Anna. With another Anna at the background. Lol

Me and Joev. MU BABY :D

With Johannnaaaaaa [my akka :D] and Durga.

Mrs Lee singing I Gotta Feeling. Woohoo indeed.

Beloved darling of a friend, Thiiiiiiruuu. Tis an unclear picture T_T

Take 1. PHAIL.

Take 2. COMPLETE :]

I shouldn't be thinking of it but I felt bad for that girl ._. The "YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING" girl. Oh wells. Buuutttttt if you think about it, a school is a not a place to hook up la, dear.

There wasn't any drama. Darnnnn.

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