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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good....is relative

Resonate: Alex Chu feat. Thomas Cook - 넌 언제나

Seriously la, I'm M.I.B :D

Anyway. No more procrastination, I'm GONNA WATCH PASTA DAMMIT. I WILL I WILL I WILL.....

.....after the exams. Damn. Wait for me, dear Alex :(

On the bright side, I've finally got that IME Korean to work for my XP/Vista/Windows7/Vienna/Godknowswhat. Apparently, I could just use the Service Pack 2 for SP3 to install and lo and behold, my iTunes has no more boxes /happyfaces/

I didn't want to bring this up but....
Forget it. I won't. Jill would want me to forget, because she's a nice friend.

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