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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I don't want you to read this. but I need something to vent out in

A blast of intuition. To the Editors. I'm sorry I keep going back on my words. I'm the worst lot.

Remind me again, why God didn't give me that choice? That choice of either dropping dead in the drain or continue living? It hit me really hard today, death was presented to the wrong person. It should've been me. I know it had to be. At least, he was liked. He was nice, he wasn't a hypocrite, he had love, he was satisfied. He didn't mind pressure, he was fine. He didn't have to write posts like these.

Why not me? I'm not nice. I'm ungrateful. My attitude is Xerox copy of my mother's. I piss loads of people off. I have management issues. I'm scared of the truth. But I'm not scared of death. I take things for granted. But I love too many people. I hurt, and I get hurt. I bottle everything up and vent it to all the wrong people. The world doesn't need someone like me. 17 years isn't going to make a difference. Why..of all people...him? I'm the worst one there is. Answer me. WHY NOT ME?

It wouldn't make a difference. Not this post. Not this situation.

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