[Not So] Caféine-intoxiqué..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Je suis de retour! From Pre-confirmation camp and I stand corrected. It wasn't okay, not one single bit. It was more of, awesomazing For the most part, it was just unexpected. Speaker was brilliant, as expected and basically the whole camp was fun because..I made it fun. "Made it fun" in the sense that I made myself have fun, and not go on some happy-parade during camp evangelizing the 1970's hippie culture LOL. But yeah, I saw A LOT of people [including my two friends] just standing at on corner and not singing. Not jumping. Not dancing. Naturally, they didn't have fun, it didn't seem like it. Then you had the mad woman, me jumping around as if I was suffering from anti-gravity epilepsy :D

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