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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Resonate: Fiona Apple - The Way Things Are

I'm actually kind of satisfied with Heroes' Season4/and [hopefully-ABC-will-take-over-and-renew-it] Series finale. Cue insane fangirl sobs here. But yeah, it was what it was.

I thought the Sylar-becoming-a-hero subplot was stupid and irrelevant. Honestly LA. I just couldn't see the point of making a guy who was basically an evil bastard for 4 damn seasons miraculously turn good after he he realizes that he's alone...and also because of..a wall. An unbreakable wall. WELL at least till Sylar decides that he's truly repentant and all that regret blah muffincake blah shiet. It's like my mum giving me a time out in the form of..a wall. :\

You have to admit, he really provided a strong villain [Not as if Samuel didn't, but on a longer run] until he starts wussing out. Do villains REALLY need to care about dying alone? That basically suggests that he's capable of having a human, emotional [albeit very weak] side and that totally screws over his pre-wuss badassery IMO. As much as it pains me to say this, damn you, Hiro.

But of course, OF FREAKIN COURSE, I was happy with the Peter/Sylar bromance going on. Normally, you'd just expect them to be all up each other with the laser-y pyrokinetic forces and whatnot but seeing them [minus the ass-kicking] together, like Bob-the-Builder-working-together was kind of..cute. I can only imagine if Jo was a Heroes fan, she would've have written a Sylar/Peter slashfic. With a whole...dominance/submission thing going on. Uh huh uh huh.

And Claire. Sweet, precious, post-cheerleader twuntery of a Claire. Can someone just kill her or something? She still has that death-trigger-WTF thing in her head, yes? WOULD SOMEONE JUST SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD PLEASE?!

I'm getting lazy to write this and I guess uh..that's it I guess. Heroes..is pretty much done for. Still, nothing can deny its Season 1 glory :(

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